Huawei Cloud Indonesia Summit 2022
Online Streaming Event sudah berakhir 09:00 - 12:30 29/09/22 GRATIS Harga
Onsite Event Event sudah berakhir 09:00 - 17:00 29/09/22 GRATIS Harga

Huawei Cloud Indonesia Summit 2022

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Summit Events
Hotel Raffles Jakarta, Jalan Professor Doktor Satrio, Kuningan, Karet Kuningan, South Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia
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Huawei Cloud Indonesia Summit 2022 - With the theme “Building the Cloud Foundation for an Intelligent Indonesia”, this summit provides a perfect opportunity for you to connect with industry visionaries and business leaders, and explore the future directions as well as the real-world use cases of digitalization.

An advocate of customer-centric innovation. Huawei Cloud  is committed to provide Everything as a Service to drive concrete value for customers and foster a robust ecosystem with partners.

We are excited to invite you to Huawei Cloud Summit Indonesia 2022. Join us and stand a chance to win the lucky draw (terms and condition applied). Don’t miss it! See you soon in Huawei Cloud Indonesia Summit 2022!

The speakers:

  • Jacqueline Shi - President Global Marketing and Sales Service Huawei Cloud
  • Inka Yusgiantoro - Head of the Financial Services Sector Research Department, OJK
  • Sarwoto Atmosutarno - Chairman Mastel
  • Jacky Chen - CEO Huawei Indonesia
  • Zeng Xingyun - President Huawei Cloud APAC
  • Mevira Munindra - Country Manager IDC Indonesia
  • Bagus Setiawan - CTO detikNetwork
  • Aditya Windarwo Business - VP Bank Neo Commerce
  • Subhan Novianda - CEO CargoShare part of AnterAja Group
  • Jonathan Zhou - Vice President Huawei Cloud Marketing
  • Leo Jiang - Chief Digital Officer Huawei Cloud APAC
  • Mark Chen - Vice President Global Marketing and Sales Service Dept, Huawei Cloud
  • Simon Wu - CTO Huawei Cloud APAC
  • Nicolaas Tamalate - Moderator Huawei Cloud
  • Suyanto Tjoeng - CEO AnterAja
  • Thomas Lahey - Executive VP Strategic BCA
  • Michael Hariman - CTO Gramedia Digital Indonesia
  • Wilbertus Darmadi - CIO Toyota Astra Motor
  • Xu Shushu - Director  Device Ecosystem Business Growth Huawei Indonesia
  • Leonitus Adhika Pradhana - CPO Sirclo
  • Mikiko Steven - Director Xendit
  • Dani Wejayana - Country Manager Rootcloud Technology Indonesia
  • Ruby Zhou - CEO Sunline Indonesia
  • Kwee Yoong - Vice President TrustDecision
  • Nicole Lu - Vice President Huawei Cloud APAC Ecosystem Dept
  • Luik Lu - Regional Partner Director Huawei
  • Bing Zuo - Moderator Huawei
  • Hery Sentosa - COO CBN
  • Budi Lesmana Halim - President Director PT Soltius Indonesia
  • Bagus Santoso - Managing Director PT. Paramitha Adikarya Teknologi (Totech Indonesia)
  • Amien Krisna - CTO Dataxet
  • Adres Ginting - Director PT Sisnet Mitra Sejahtera
  • Yuwono Pranata - President Director MBT 
  • Kuseryansyah Kus - Executive Director AFPI
  • Tanto Suratno - Director of Business & Sales Telkomsigma
  • Daniel Zhang - Managing Director PT. Indonesia China Mobile

The schedule :
  • Online Streaming 
Date : September 29th, 2022
Time : 09.00 - 12.30 WIB

  • Onsite Event 
Date : September 29th, 2022
Time : 09.00 - 17.00 WIB
Location : Hotel Raffles Jakarta, Indonesia

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